The Secret to Picking Great Stocks…

Value Stock Selector is the answer to stock market overload. So many stocks, analyst recommendations, company data and investment strategies. Why did I buy this stock again? Should I sell? How much of this company should I hold in my portfolio? What's my portfolio's risk profile?

Value Stock Selector answers all these questions and gives you a proven investment strategy in one extremely easy-to-use package. Use it today and you'll agree it is the World's Easiest Investment Software.

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The World’s Easiest Investment Software!

Value Stock Selector's focus on simplicity, clarity and ease of use makes it truly unique. You'll love using Value Stock Selector.

For years, investment software was about charts, graphs, stats and pouring over reams of numbers. And you know what? It didn't work. Colourful charts and financial statement numbers don't get investment results unless they're easily analyzed and used as part of a proven investment strategy. And that strategy MUST be easy to use, or you won't use it.

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Fast, Easy, Powerful and Saves Time…

Value Stock Selector tackles investing from an entirely different angle: A focus on performing detailed balance sheet, income statement and cash flow statement analyses using the proven Value Investing methods of Warren Buffett, Benjamin Graham and Charlie Munger and doing it automatically with one mouse click.

Let's face it... Financial analyses is tedious, boring and prone to human error. Exactly the type of things computers eliminate.

Value Stock Selector can analyze and rate over 9500 companies in just a few minutes -- a task that would take the best professional analysts, and their entire complement of staff, months to complete. That's the power of your computer, our investment software and online access to accurate financial data.

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Boost Your Returns and Lower Your Risk…

Are you still managing your investments by the seat of your pants without a comprehensive plan in place to manage risk and returns? Are you still using Excel to keep track of which stocks to buy and sell?

It’s time to upgrade to the Value Stock Selector. Find solid, undervalued stocks and construct profitable portfolios, with just a few mouse clicks, using the proven strategies developed by super-investors like Warren Buffett and Benjamin Graham.

Value Stock Selector is the top choice for DIY individual investors, investment clubs, financial planners and boutique investment firms, plus it's so easy to use, it's difficult to do anything wrong.

Whether you're a buy and hold investor or like to trade options, Value Stock Selector can help increase your returns and lower your risk.

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With a net worth exceeding $50 Billion, Warren Buffett is one of the wealthiest people in the world. The Value Stock Selector investment software was conceived when software developer and investor Mark Hing hit upon the idea to distill Buffett’s investing methods into an easy-to-use computer program.

Buffett’s continued success in all types of markets shows that many of the value investing techniques he used not only worked back when he started investing decades ago, but they continue to work today, especially in these volatile times when fear and panic constantly cause great companies to become severely undervalued.

More than just another application, this investment software gives you clear, actionable recommendations on how to buy the very best companies for pennies on the dollar so you can succeed in the stock market using the same principles Buffett has been successfully using for over 50 years.

Buy It Now — Use It Now — Click HERE to order your Copy.

  • If you plan on investing in the stock market now or in the future, this software is for you.
  • If you are a budding investor, this software is for you.
  • If you currently own stocks and are looking to improve your portfolio, this software is for you.
  • If you have been thinking about how best to invest in the stock market, this software is for you.
  • If you just like to follow stocks to see which ones have the strongest fundamentals and widest economic moats, this software is for you.


How Is Value Stock Selector Different?


The entire design and implementation of Value Stock Selector was guided by three principles:

  • Ease of Use:

    If you’ve used other investment software and systems, you are probably used to the idea that they’re difficult to learn and, more often than not, based on questionable strategies designed to appeal to your greed and need for action. Not so with the Value Stock Selector. One click is all it takes to analyze over 9500 stocks trading on U.S. exchanges. And our exclusive value rating system and moat strength indicator is based on the safest, best performing investing system ever devised — Value Investing.

  • Profitability:

    Value Stock Selector doesn’t merely return the best fundamentally solid stocks, it also analyzes earnings and other important data items to infer the most profitable buy and sell prices. The Asset Allocation module lets you take those undervalued, fundamentally strong stocks and create a properly diversified and optimized portfolio, using Nobel Laureate William Sharpe’s Sharpe Ratio, so you can maximize your returns and minimize your risk.

  • Safety:

    Value investing is the only investment system that incorporates risk-minimization strategies every step of the way. Unlike other strategies, risk reduction is not an afterthought or add-on, it’s an integral part of the value investing algorithm.It begins with stock selection. Picking fundamentally strong stocks with wide economic moats reduces risk because such companies occupy the rarefied position of having strong, growing earnings and little or no competition. These companies don’t have to hide expenses or manipulate earnings, nor do they tend to go bankrupt because of competitive forces.

    Next is Benjamin Graham’s Margin of Safety idea. Purchasing stocks for less than they’re worth provides a cushion against errors in your analyses or an irrational market.

    Finally, diversification, amongst low correlated stocks, and portfolio optimization further serve to reduce risk at the portfolio level. Most other strategies use diversification to minimize risk, but not much else.

Remember, amateur investors look only at returns while consistently profitable investors look at risk first and then returns. Quickly shed your underperforming stocks, and dump your expensive mutual funds by constructing safe, value-based portfolios that can significantly outperform the market over long periods of time with just a few mouse clicks.

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Investing for yourself usually means not really knowing when to buy or sell. But when you do decide to buy a stock and it rises in price, you’re torn between selling now and taking a profit or waiting in hopes of an even bigger profit.

If you sell now and the price rises higher, you regret it, but if you don’t sell and the price falls back to where you purchased the stock, or even worse, below your purchase price, you kick yourself… because you don’t actually know what the stock is worth and you’re simply buying and selling based on emotions and gut feelings, not on logic and value.

Would you pay $100 for a bag of chips?

As an example, imagine if you didn’t know the value of a bag of potato chips. Imagine you had no idea what it was worth but you liked eating the salty snacks from time to time. Perhaps you would buy it for $25 or maybe even $100. However if you did know that a bag of chips is worth about $2.50, then your actions change. You would refuse to buy at $25 but would probably back up the truck and load up if each bag was selling for 25 cents.

And if you happened to have extra bags available while others were willing to pay you $25, you would most likely sell and wait for the price to fall to a more reasonable level before purchasing more.

Now you might be thinking that’s a ridiculous example because you would never pay $25 or $100 for potato chips, yet that’s exactly what many people do in the stock market every single day. They purchase companies for ten times, sometimes hundreds of times, their actual worth because they don’t know how to use logic to calculate a company’s true value.

Do You Know Your Biggest Investing Problem?

But that’s not even the biggest problem. A far greater concern is knowing how to spot solid stocks with strong fundamentals that won’t run into financial difficulties down the road. But even if you find a great stock, is it too expensive? What’s a fair price for it? Is it selling at a discount?

Value Stock Selector answers these questions for you. It tells you at what price to buy, when to sell and provides a clear indication of a stock’s strength based on its fundamentals and economic moat.

Successful Investors only invest in Strong Companies

Just click one button and Value Stock Selector automatically runs thousands of stocks through a battery of proven tests designed to find only the very best and safest stocks on the market. Then it displays this list in an easy-to-read table so you can quickly see exactly what you should be buying as well as the price at which to get in and the price at which to get out.

You can also customize the configuration to your tastes with an easy-to-use window – adjust minimum prices so you only see stocks selling above a certain price or dial in a different margin of safety (higher values give you more downside protection but return fewer choices while lower values give you more choices at the cost of less protection).

And you can use the built-in asset allocation module to diversify and optimize your portfolio based on time-tested and proven strategies.

This positions you to have the best chance of being successful in the stock market.

Why Are So Many People Unsuccessful in the Stock Market?

Although many people invest for themselves directly in the stock market, very few are successful.

The main reason is because they invest using their emotions rather than logic. And the most damaging emotion in the investment realm is greed.

Unsuccessful investors think making money in the stock market is easy. They think of it as a quick way to get rich without working rather than as a long-term vehicle for investing capital in order to earn returns. They believe it is an effortless way to receive huge gains.

Being Greedy usually equates to large losses

And this line of thinking incites greed. And greed leads people to take shortcuts, jump into stocks without doing any due diligence and invest without the proper knowledge.
So rather than investing with a sound, proven strategy and allowing returns to compound over many years, they chase quick profits using illogical methods such as acting on hot tips.

Hot-tip investors never stop to think things through or ask important questions… such as how the tipster knows this information or why the tipster is so eager to share such supposedly valuable information.

This type of behavior isn’t investing, nor is it speculating, it’s simply gambling. Placing a low-percentage bet and hoping it will pay off.

Unfortunately it rarely does and true investment success is, at best, delayed or, more commonly, never actually achieved.

Greed also makes people overly optimistic about good news and more complacent about bad news. It causes people to focus solely on the short-term rather than on their long-term plans and goals. And as numerous studies have shown, short-term investors almost always significantly underperform their long-term peers.

Are You Getting Unbiased Investing Information?

If you’re receiving your investing information from a TV show, a bank, a mutual fund company or your broker, you’re not getting unbiased information because each of these sources is trying to sell you on a stock or mutual fund for their benefit, not yours.

The only way to get unbiased information is to go directly to the source. And that means looking at a company’s financial statements.

Of course you can choose to do this manually or choose to let Value Stock Selector do it automatically for you. But unless you actually enjoy spending weeks or months poring over a seemingly endless stream of numbers, doing it automatically is the clear choice.

Value Stock Selector gives you unbiased investing information so you can make informed, educated decisions. And since it was professionally designed from the ground up to be easy to use, you can be running it in less than 10 minutes WITHOUT having to read the user’s guide – it really is that simple.

Value Stock Selector is designed to:

  • Find the very best stocks on the market.
  • Determine the right price at which to buy so you have a healthy built-in Margin of Safety.
  • Determine when your stocks become overvalued so you know exactly when to sell.
  • Diversify and optimize your stocks using proven, tried-and-tested strategies.
  • Provide you with the facts and just the facts.

Value Stock Selector contains an easy-to-use interface to achieve these things…

  • Click just one button to automatically analyze thousands of stocks using the default configuration settings.
  • Easily change configuration parameters such as minimum price, margin of safety, minimum rating and more.
  • With just a few clicks you can transfer the strong stocks you just found to the asset allocation module and then diversify and optimize your portfolio with one more button click.
  • Clearly see diversification and allocation recommendations in well-designed tables and colorful charts.
  • View correlations so you know at a glance how to construct strong and robust portfolios.
  • Analyze thousands of stocks in less than 10 minutes! You don’t need to look through thousands of financial statements. Value Stock Selector does it for you…

Value Stock Selector gives you an incredible opportunity to ensure you have the tools you need to invest correctly in the stock market.

So How Does Value Stock Selector Help You?

We all want to make more money in the stock market with less risk. But how can we do that?

Let’s look at a simple analogy.

Let’s imagine you want to build a house. And in order to build your house you need a foundation. So you need to dig a hole. A very big hole. Ten feet deep. So you pick up a shovel and start digging.
And digging and digging and digging. And you get the beginnings of a hole. And you keep digging.

Eventually you realize this is going to take you a lot of time. And it’s hard, repetitive and tedious work. And you realize you’re not going to finish for a very long time or, worse, you might not even be physically capable of completing the job.

So what can you do?

The answer is simple. You hire an excavator to dig the hole for you. You use technology to leverage what you know in order to get the results you require. With a machine designed for digging holes, you can dig a better, deeper hole and do it in far less time and with far less effort than doing it by hand.

Value Stock Selector saves you time and gives you better results

And that’s exactly what happens when you invest. If you want to invest properly you need to analyze a company’s financial statements to see whether the company is in a strong position or not. But analyzing 3 or 4 statements each for thousands of companies to find the very best ones is hard, repetitive and tedious work. It’s also error-prone.

Yet you have to do it.

And just like the hole, you can do it manually or leverage technology to do it better, faster and with less effort.

That’s what the Value Stock Selector software does for you. It frees you from the tedious, error-prone work of manually sifting through and analyzing financial statements one by one. It does it automatically for you, without errors and does it thousands of times faster than you could ever do it yourself.

Investing without Value Stock Selector is like digging a very large hole for a big foundation with a shovel. It makes no sense.

But What Makes Value Stock Selector Better than Other Investment Software?

To start, it’s far easier to use than any other software. Try it and you’ll agree it really is the World’s Easiest Investment Software.

But ease-of-use doesn’t mean anything unless you achieve excellent results. And since Value Stock Selector is based on extensive research, quantitative testing over many different market conditions and strategies proven successful over decades by some of the greatest investors to ever walk the planet (including Warren Buffett, Benjamin Graham and David Dodd), you can be sure you’re using a system that’s solid and fundamentally sound.

Value Stock Selector is Easy to use and based on Proven strategies

Second, if you look at other investment software (or books for that matter) you’ll run into lots of charts and graphs that give you tons of information and show you high level concepts. Rarely will they give you a step-by-step method for finding great undervalued stocks, show you precisely how to diversify and allocate and then tell you exactly when to buy and sell.

So you’re stuck. Because there’s no proven system showing you what to do. There’s no methodology to take you step-by-step from concept to specific action.
Worse still, once you do purchase stocks, there’s no plan that tells you when to sell and lets you know how those stocks should be integrated into your existing portfolio. In short, you’re given lots of information but no overall plan.

Value Stock Selector is different. It hides the complicated data and number crunching behind the scenes. What you end up with are specific buy and sell targets for exceptional stocks that make it easy for you to implement a strong portfolio.

You have an automatic system you can follow time and time again. And this system helps you repeatedly build your wealth over and over because, although the stocks to consider may change, the idea of buying fundamentally excellent stocks with strong economic moats at steep discounts never changes and is the proven way to make money in the stock market. And Value Stock Selector reveals these stocks to you with just one mouse click.

You’ll be able to build your wealth more effectively. And you will be able to find out if you’ve mistakenly purchased bad stocks and get rid of them before they can damage your wealth. That’s what makes Value Stock Selector so different. It gives you actionable, clear and precise information so you know exactly what to do (and exactly what not to do).

But This is Definitely Not for Everyone…

Value Stock Selector is not for you if…

  • You are a short-term trader, like to frequently buy and sell stocks and think holding a stock for a year or more is too long.
  • You want to make lots of money very quickly in the stock market. Value Investing means you have to make some simple changes to your investing strategies and then have patience while the results compound over time. This is essential, especially if you want better returns with less risk. You will not become rich overnight using this system (in fact, despite what some people will tell you, you won’t get rich overnight using any system), but you have the highest probability of becoming rich over the long-term using Value Investing strategies.
  • You refuse to check your portfolio two or three times a month. Value Investing is not buy and hold forever. You will STILL need to check up on your portfolio. However the software makes this very easy to do.
  • You are an investor who tries different methods for a few weeks and then jumps to something else. Value Investing requires you to stick to a proven and profitable plan. If you can’t do this, then it’s best not to start. However you need to realize that unless you do follow a proven and profitable plan, 10 or 20 years from now your investments will not have grown nearly as much as they should have.

Bonus: A 100% Free Copy of the Best Book on Investing You’ll Read this Year…

You’ll also receive a FREE copy of the Pragmatic Investor digital book with your software purchase.

This book shows you how to invest sensibly using proven and tested strategies and techniques. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have a systematic, step-by-step approach to creating your own profitable portfolios?

Well now you have it. In just a few hours the average person can quickly put into action many of the strategies and methods used by some of the best investors in the world. It’s the perfect complement to Value Stock Selector and will show you how to use the software in advanced ways to wring out even more value from the stock market.

Here’s how you’ll benefit after reading the Pragmatic Investor digital book…

  • Improve your ability to find great stocks.
  • Invest confidently in just 3 easy steps.
  • Create more profitable portfolios with less risk.
  • Deepen your understanding of how to invest correctly.
  • Discover why you shouldn’t worry about what the “experts” on TV and the Internet are doing (they’re doing it wrong anyways).
  • Learn how to avoid second-guessing yourself when you invest.
  • How to create a strong portfolio in three simple steps.
  • How Value Investing will help you achieve financial freedom faster.
  • How to go against the crowd and do far better.
  • Why moat strength and strong fundamentals ensure your peace of mind.
  • How to stop seeking outside investment advice and start thinking for yourself.
  • Why you will actually look forward to volatile markets.
  • How to tap into the investment knowledge you already have.
  • How to be objective when Wall Street is panicking.
  • How to get jaw-dropping returns over the long term.
  • Learn which types of stocks work best together to reduce risk and increase returns.
  • The myth of short-term trading strategies.
  • How to capture profits from volatile stocks.
  • The incredible importance of CONCENTRATED diversification.
  • The big mistakes made when trying to construct portfolios – and how to fix them.
  • The secret of choosing stocks: How to use specific strategies to create super portfolios.
  • The key factors of stock selection. How and why they all play their role.
  • In-depth understanding of the “Margin of Safety” factor and why it’s so critical to your investment success.
  • The exact reasons why correlations are important. And why ignoring them puts your portfolio at risk.
  • Learn the scientific, proven and tested system you can follow step-by-step to greatly improve your returns and reduce your risk. This is the same system Warren Buffett used to make tens of billions in the stock market.
  • Learn why stocks in the News are usually poor investments.
  • Why short-term stock prices are based on randomness and how you can take advantage of it.
  • The secret to always buying low and selling high (most investors do the opposite).
  • How to create small groups of stocks that consistently wring out profits in volatile markets.
  • How to create great portfolios with precision and consistency.
  • Why the first 7 stocks in your portfolio are the ones that matter most.
  • The intense power of opportunistic rebalancing and how you can use it to beat the market.
  • Why even one wrong stock can destroy an otherwise strong portfolio.
  • The myth of selecting stocks: Why even the best stocks don’t work in isolation.
  • And how to build your confidence, discipline and focus. These are the key elements to a seven-figure portfolio.

30 Day No Hassle 100% Money Back Guarantee…

Try it for yourself risk-free. You get a 30 day, 100% Money-Back guarantee. If you’re not satisfied for any reason, we’ll give you your money-back with a smile and no hassles (plus you can keep the Pragmatic Investor digital book bonus as our way of saying thank you for trying Value Stock Selector).

If you don’t think this investment system is right for you, we don’t believe you should feel bad asking for a refund. Send us an email and your money will be cheerfully and promptly refunded. Like everything else with Value Stock Selector, it really is that simple.

If you’re wondering if this software is worth it, you’ll be amazed at how much of a difference it can make to your investments right away. And with our 30 day, 100% Money-Back guarantee, you have absolutely nothing to lose.

With the Value Stock Selector investment software, your investments practically build themselves. It’s taken more than 7 years of research to compile and create this investment software tool and it can put you light-years ahead of other investors. Why?

Because stellar results come from continually doing the right thing over a long period of time.

Do the right thing enough times and the results will take care of themselves… and the Value Stock Selector software ensures you’re always doing the right thing by investing only in high quality stocks that are currently undervalued.

And high quality, undervalued stocks provide you with a substantial margin of safety.


“Very user friendly and well thought out.”

Once again thank you for the Value Stock Selector software. The new individual stock analyzer is a great innovation. Very user friendly and well thought out. As my son says, ‘the program is only getting better and better.’
Donald Budd, British Columbia


Buy these stocks now and sell them when the market catches on.

Do this enough times and you’ll start seeing your wealth multiply consistently, safely and, most importantly, with less risk.

In fact, once you start using the software, your investment research will be on automatic pilot. It will take you far less time to acheive so much more.


Why Settle for Substandard Investment Returns?


Successful investors don’t.

They grow their investments in the stock market by investing wisely in only the best companies with the strongest fundamentals selling at discount prices.

Here’s a small sample of the benefits you’ll receive with the Value investing strategy:

  • By purchasing only stocks that are selling at a discount to their fair value you automatically get a built-in Margin of Safety. The result is you stand to lose less and make more. And remember, the money you don’t lose is twice as important as the money you make.
  • You’ll avoid the garbage. A company’s audited Financial Statements (usually) don’t lie. Company Press Releases may lie, but Financial Statements don’t. Investing without analyzing these statements is very risky.
  • You’ll be a real investor rather than a speculator who thinks he’s an investor.
  • You’ll know the true value of a company before you invest your hard-earned money. You’ll also know how to buy stocks that are less risky.
  • The Market will be your Servant, not your Master. Rather than chasing after the Market, you’ll wait until the Market gives you a solid discount.
  • You’ll be watching the Business, not the stock. Stock prices can rise to absurd levels but businesses always have a fair value.
  • Buying a stock without knowing what the business is worth opens you to risk in so many ways.
  • You’ll know when to sell. It makes no sense to hold a stock that is no longer priced correctly. Only by knowing the fair value will you know when it’s time to get out.
  • You’ll save money on over-hyped Investment Reports and Newsletters. You won’t need them when you follow a proven Value Investing plan.
  • You’ll save time. Get better results in less time when you put the power of today’s easiest-to-use investment software to work for you.
  • You’ll be following a proven, time-tested plan that has worked for decades and will most likely make you rich over time.



“…fundamental calculations are very much in tune with what I look for in a stock.”

The Value Stock Selector is a very nice program. Its fundamental calculations are very much in tune with what I look for in a stock. Excellent and easy-to-use product. Piero Scarsella, Canada

Click HERE to get instant access.


Stock Investment Software for finding Undervalued Stocks. Order Now!Now, more than ever, successful investors are taking control of their portfolios and turning to investment software based on the Value investing principles developed by none other than Warren Buffett and Benjamin Graham.

And the reason they’re doing it themselves is because they know that nobody cares more about their investments and their well-being than they do.

Not friends, not co-workers and certainly not investment advisors with hundreds of clients and a limited number of hours in the day.

They also realize that successful investors aren’t born — they’re made.

Now you too can achieve that same success with the Value Stock Selector investment software. It’s the next-generation tool for automatically selecting strong, fundamentally sound, undervalued stocks and gives you a quick and easy way to invest like Warren Buffett does.

Using the Value Stock Selector is like having a team of professional research analysts working for you. This is the investment software to use when you really care about what happens to your investments.

If you’d like to know:

  • Which stocks to buy…
  • Exactly what price to pay…
  • When to sell…
  • How to reduce your risk…
  • How to diversify your portfolio effectively…
  • The exact Fundamentals ratings of your stocks…
  • How to simplify and improve the profitability of your investments…
  • And what your potential profit will be BEFORE you buy, all with just a few mouse clicks, you’ll love this powerful, easy-to-use program.


This effective investing software package is absolutely crucial to your portfolio’s health.

It combines the power of 100% proven and time-tested stock market investment research with an easy-to-use, highly visual user interface for the most effective, most productive way to select Value Stocks.


“…an excellent software tool for any long-term investor.”

Value Stock Selector is a wonderful software package that efficiently and effectively screens thousands of stocks to uncover the hidden gems and the overlooked winners.
I like the fact that, since it was adapted from Benjamin Graham’s methodology, it gives me a margin of safety.
It’s an excellent software tool for any long-term investor.
Brian Harris,


It effectively uses the same strategies that Warren Buffett does.

While other “investors” bid up stocks based on nothing but rumour, speculation and momentum, Buffett prefers to keep his approach simple and logical.

Ignoring trends, conventional Wall Street wisdom and investment talk shows, he looks for undervalued companies with low overhead costs, long-term growth potential, stellar earnings and low debt and then waits for the rest of the world to catch up.


“Great product, great price, great service.”

The Value Stock Selector is a remarkable program. It quickly scans entire markets to find quality companies that are undervalued, and it’s the first step in my screening process… Great product, great price, great service.
Keep up the great work!
Jeff Charleston,


Unfortunately, finding such companies has been historically tedious and time-consuming. It required tremendous patience and analytical skills, not to mention hundreds of calculations and comparisons.

But now, that’s all changed!

Thanks to the Internet, accurate online financial statements and inexpensive but powerful computers, all you need to do is make one mouse click and this amazingly easy-to-run program will start to uncover profitable investments for you instantly.

One mouse click and you can begin investing smarter and potentially much more profitably.


How this Investing Software Can Help You…


It starts by performing a detailed fundamental analysis of a company’s financial reports (Balance Sheet, Income Statement and Cash Flow Statement), computes the important key values and then runs the results through a series of proven, time-tested algorithms (based on practical research by Buffett, Benjamin Graham and Richard Sloan) to obtain the stock’s Fundamentals rating.

The higher the rating, the better the stock.

But it doesn’t stop there.

Knowing a stock’s Fundamentals rating puts you light-years ahead of most investors.

However to really minimize risk and maximize profits, you need a sufficient Margin of Safety.

So the Value Stock Selector calculates the stock’s fair value and determines whether the current price provides a good buying opportunity.

If so, it then computes an exact exit price, tailored specifically for that stock, so you’ll know precisely when to sell.

In short, it tells you what to buy, when to buy and when to sell.

It also tells you exactly how to create a concentrated portfolio diversified effectively using Nobel Laureate William Sharpe’s research.


Investment Software that’s Completely Automatic…


With the Value Stock Selector software you can now analyze thousands of stocks with one mouse-click.

And the software runs automatically so you can simply relax while fundamentally solid stocks pop onto your screen.

Just 10 years ago this same stock research would have taken a team of professional researchers months to complete.

And just 5 years ago these research reports would have cost you thousands of dollars a year. Some people still pay that today for Stock Picking Reports and Newsletters.

The Good News is… that’s no longer necessary. The Value Stock Selector can now automatically provide the stock market analysis you need.

In fact this is the package they should have given you when you first opened your brokerage account.

Click HERE to download Value Stock Selector immediately.


If you had purchased an equal amount of the top rated stocks recommended by the Value Stock Selector back in January 2004 and sold them on August 4, 2010, you would have realized an 89.53% gain (excluding commissions and dividends).

That compares to a 0.02% gain for the S&P 500, a 2.60% gain for the Dow and a 12.51% gain for the Nasdaq over the same period of time.

The recommendations are shown in the table below.

Recommended Price

January 2004

End Price

August 2010


Percentage (%)

That’s an impressive return for a period that included the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression.

Now many investors are happy to simply find excellent stocks and purchase equal amounts. When you buy fundamentally solid, undervalued stocks, you generally do well no matter how you choose to construct your portfolio.

However you can wring out even better returns by allocating your stocks in a more intelligent manner. In fact, a logical Asset Allocation and Portfolio Optimization strategy can significantly improve your results.


How to Use Asset Allocation for Even Better Market-Beating Returns…


Recommended Portfolio Allocation


Shares Purchased

January 2004

Value of Portfolio

August 4, 2010

Share Price Gain/ (Loss)



That’s why the Value Stock Selector includes built-in Asset Allocation and Optimization functions, based on Nobel Laureate William Sharpe’s Sharpe Ratio, to effectively allocate stocks and optimize your portfolio.

As with everything in the software, it’s simple and easy to use.

Value Stock Selector Asset Allocator Report Screen


Value Stock Selector is based on Warren Buffett’s investing methods as described by Buffett himself and other long-time Buffett watchers, such as Mary Buffett and David Clark. The Value Stock Selector is packed with the strategies, techniques and tactics that all successful Value investors learn, practice and use in order to build long-term wealth safely and consistently in the stock market.

Now you can see the same results… not through years and years of trial and error… but by simply evaluating stocks the way the world’s best Value investors do… by analyzing a company’s fundamentals using the rigorous methods invented by some of the brightest minds in the investment world.

Isn’t that the kind of investment plan you want?







Benefits vs. Risks Analyses…


The Value Stock Selector Software


Proven investment software used by thousands of individual investors to help manage their investments.Limited up front cost. For even a smaller $50,000 portfolio, mutual fund management fees can cost you $1,500 a year. And because you pay a percentage of your portfolio's value, as your portfolio value increases each year, so do your fees. With Value Stock Selector you pay a tiny fraction of that -- and it's a one time fee. Pay once. Use it year after year after year.
You learn to invest correctly and can apply that knowledge to all of your investment portfolios now and for years to come.Minimize your risks and
get started right now.
Use the same principles that Warren Buffett, Benjamin Graham and others have used to significantly beat the markets consistently over many years and make Billions of Dollars in the Stock Market.
Very easy to use. One-click technology ensures most users are up and running in about 5 minutes.
No contracts or ongoing fees.
Fully open, non-proprietary system that is explained in complete detail.
You always know exactly what you are doing and why you are doing it.

Buying Mutual Funds


Buy it and forget it. You don’t have to do anything. Someone else manages your investments for you.High Management Expense costs. Can cost you thousands or tens of thousands of dollars per year taken directly from your portfolio before you even see it.
Fairly good reporting statements.80% of Actively Managed funds underperform the markets.
Funds manage billions of dollars which makes it difficult for fund managers to only purchase great companies.
You never know exactly what your fund is investing in and what strategy it is using.

Listening to your Bank’s Investment Advisor


Convenient to purchase.Bank advisors are really salespeople trained to sell the funds that make the most money for the bank — not you.
Can easily transfer money from your bank account each month to buy your funds.80% of Actively Managed funds underperform the markets.
Usually limited to selling in-house funds. Can’t sell anything from competing banks or mutual fund companies.
Can be VERY Expensive. The average total cost of the typical actively managed fund for a $100,000 portfolio is $3000 each and every year. Even when that fund loses money.

Hiring a Fee-based Investment Advisor


Usually independent and not tied to one company’s products.Doesn’t care about your investments and well-being as much as you do. Nobody does.
Generally more knowledgeable than other types of investment advisors.Usually has many clients and therefore cannot devote much time to any one of them. There are only 24 hours in a day.
Can be very expensive. Not only do you pay the advisor’s fee, but you also have to pay the Management Expenses of any funds the advisor recommends.
The average total cost of the typical actively managed fund for a $100,000 portfolio is $3000 each and every year. Even when that fund loses money.
Larger firms charge as though an expert is managing your portfolio, but have under-trained, inexperienced assistants and recent college graduates actually doing the work.

Getting Advice from a Stock Broker


Sometimes they hear of excellent stocks.Stockbrokers are salespeople who increase their incomes when you trade more. Therefore they have a huge incentive to get you to trade more frequently regardless of a stock’s quality.
Most don’t have any experience in properly constructing or managing investment portfolios.
Full service commissions can be 40 or 50 times what you can get through an online discount broker.
It is very risky taking advice from them. As Buffett is fond of saying, “never ask a barber if you need a haircut.”

Other Trading or Investment Software


There are various costs and benefits depending on which company you choose and what they know.Most companies selling investment software should not be selling it. They appeal to greed and people’s desire to get rich quickly. Their software doesn’t work and you end up losing all or large parts of your money.
Perspective has value and it’s educational to see what other stock market software is out there.Many programs try to force proprietary, black-box methods on you in order to lock you in. Then they charge outrageous monthly or annual fees for the rest of your life.
Some people only make their money from selling their investment software and don’t do well in the stock market with their own investments.
Some programs cost upwards of $4700 just to get started. Then additional fees and charges are piled on.

As you can see, most investors don’t realize they are paying huge fees out of their pockets every year to significantly underperform what can be achieved using the Value Stock Selector software.

Don’t be one of them.

Don’t fall for the million dollar advertising campaigns (financed by your fees) put out by Wall Street, fund companies and the big banks. It’s your investment, take control of it today with the Value Stock Selector software!

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Stock Investment Software for finding Undervalued Stocks. Order Now!
When you purchase the Value Stock Selector investment software, you’ll get the complete, professionally designed, easy-to-use investing software package that automates the process of selecting high quality, undervalued stocks.

It’s been tested, retested and proven so the results you’re looking for are right there.

Everything you could ever want to automatically help you select the best stocks in the safest, most efficient and automated way is right there!

It will even recommend the exact price at which to sell. After all, knowing when to sell is just as important as knowing what and when to buy.

The fact is, no one has created a more comprehensive stock selection package than this one.

Yet it’s the easiest investment software you’ll ever use. If you’re serious about building your investments in the stock market, then you need this system.

Your Value Stock Selector investment software contains a powerful set of investment algorithms designed to do one thing and one thing only: Grow Your Investments safely in the Stock Market.

Value Stock Selector gives You…

  • Automated and Rigorous Value Analyses of 9400+ Stocks…
  • A Safer and less Risky method of Selecting Your Investments…
  • An Easy Way to Find Great Stocks Selling at Bargain Prices…
  • Instant Knowledge on When to Sell — and at what Price…
  • An Easy Way to Replace Low-quality, Risky Stocks…
  • An Easy-to-Use Interface that has almost No Learning Curve…
  • Powerful, Fully Researched and Tested Algorithms…
  • Proven Strategies developed by Buffett, Graham, Sharpe and Sloan
  • Exact Buy and Sell Prices…
  • A Built-in Single Stock Analyzer…
  • A Built-in Asset Allocation and Portfolio Optimization Function…
  • A Free Step-by-Step Strategy and Investment Guide…
  • A Current Fundamental Analysis Rating everytime you run the Software…
  • No More Wondering When to Buy…
  • No More Dissecting Financial Statements…
  • No More Reading Endless Analyst Reports…
  • No More Listening to Contradicting Stock “Gurus” on TV…
  • No More Questioning Whether or Not You Made the Right Decision…
  • No More Full Service Brokerage Fees…
  • No More Mutual Fund Fees…
  • No More Financial Management Fees…
  • Fully Sortable Data…
  • Simple Data Export…
  • Two-Click Copy/Paste to your Favorite Spreadsheet or Application…
  • A Quick Way to Clean up Your Portfolio…
  • Top Notch Customer Support and much, much more…


“This is by far THE best customer service I have ever received.”

This is by far THE best customer service I have ever received. You have a winning formula of technology coupled with a real caring touch.
R. Robson, North Carolina


“…your replies have been fast and useful.”

I want to thank you for being prompt in answering my questions. I have contacted your company twice and on both occasions your replies have been fast and useful. This is unusual for most companies and very helpful.
Pam Fearon, Florida


And the Complete Investment Software Package is Value Priced…

This software is powerful and it works. It’s also value priced at a fraction of what you would pay the mutual fund companies or for just a subscription to a professional-grade data service.

When you purchase Value Stock Selector EVERYTHING is included! With Value Stock Selector you never have to worry about add-on, data subscription or additional fees! They’re all included.

In fact, many software packages charge you hundreds, or even thousands, of dollars a year just for the data feed. But with Value Stock Selector, your low one-time fee covers every single thing you need to invest successfully, including the data.

You also receive all Service Pack updates free of charge (of course major upgrades carry a modest fee).

But don’t let the low, all-inclusive price fool you. Value Stock Selector is packed with only the very best algorithms and technology.

And it was professionally designed from the ground up to be intuitive and easy-to-use.

Most people learn to use it in less than 5 minutes, without reading any instructions! (That’s less time than it takes to learn to operate an iPod!)

Let’s face it, if you think spending a few hundred dollars is too much for a program that can show you the very best stocks selected from over 9400 stocks trading on all the major U.S. exchanges for years to come, then you probably shouldn’t invest in stocks, because you can lose far more in the market in just a few minutes by investing without analyzing a company’s fundamentals.


“…the highest quality product and service in the industry.”

Thank you for your quick reply to my message. I really appreciate your personal commitment and dedication to the products that you sell. Your responsiveness makes me realize that I made the right decision to purchase from you, and in this day and age of software companies reducing support levels, your company is a shining star.
You have always been very responsive and helpful with any questions I have had, and that makes you unique. I hope that your current and future clients realize that by dealing with your organization, they will receive the highest quality product and service in the industry.
George Carr, Michigan

When you compare the value you’re getting, when you see others charging thousands of dollars for stock market software that won’t benefit you as much as Value Stock Selector will, you’ll quickly realize that professionally designed, quality investment software doesn’t have to be expensive.

Frankly, if you’re someone who’s interested in selecting stocks based on proven, time-tested Value strategies and techniques, rather than taking risks investing haphazardly in the latest over-hyped stocks, you’ll know the value here is immense and immediately take the opportunity to implement your own investment plan with proven investing software.

Discover How You Can Select Value Stocks Just Like Warren Buffett…

Your package includes everything you need to start your own disciplined investment program selecting stocks based on rock-solid fundamentals, not speculation or hype.

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See for yourself, right now, how simple it is to make money in the stock market when you analyze stocks with logic, not emotions or guesswork.

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Five Good Reasons To Act Now

  • You can Invest with much Less Risk…
  • You’ll Know Exactly What to Buy…
  • You’ll Know When to Buy…
  • You’ll Know Instantly When to Sell…
  • You’ll No Longer Wonder What to Do in Turbulent Markets!



P.S.Remember, you get the powerful Value Stock Selector software that allows you to automatically find solid, fundamentally sound stocks that are selling at a significant discount.

You also get the best of both worlds. In addition to power and functionality, it’s extremely easy to use. If you’re tired of paging through thick instruction manuals and complicated help files you’ll love the clean, intuitive interface.

The Value Stock Selector boasts the easiest to use interface you’ve ever seen in any investment software. Period. You’ll find the best stocks effortlessly and you can be doing it in less than 5 minutes — with almost no learning curve.

What’s more, the software has been tested, retested and proven so the results you’re looking for are right there. Everything you could ever want to help you grow your portfolio effectively is right there!


P.P.S.Is your financial future worth gambling on by investing by the seat of your pants? Think about it in terms of the potential to produce wealth for you and your family, and we know you’ll agree that this could be one of the best investments you’ll ever make in your future.

Don’t delay any longer. Time is ticking away, so start investing wisely today — using an intelligent, tested and proven stock selection plan to guide your investment actions.

Remember, each day you delay will turn into weeks, months and then years. Soon you’ll wake up and 40 years will be gone, 40 years in which you squandered a wealth that could have been yours.

Imagine if you had started investing in solid, undervalued stocks 40 years ago… In all probability you’d be a multi-millionaire RIGHT NOW! If you started 20 years ago you’d most likely be at least a millionaire. 10 years ago? You could be approaching your first million.

The fact is, it’s never too late to secure your financial future… But the sooner you start the better off you and your family will be in the future because Value Investing works… and it keeps on working!


“Words in an email can’t even show how impressed I am with Value Stock Selector.”

I wanted to let you know that after purchasing Value Stock Selector, I ran it and it returned with a number of picks.
Today I went back and checked the stock picks again and discovered they are all doing well.
So far the picks have gained 64.45%, 33.86%, 33.22% and 59.99%
Words in an email can’t even show how impressed I am with Value Stock Selector. This software is awesome!
Shawn Augustson, Ohio


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See What Investors are Saying...

Value Stock Selector is a wonderful software package that efficiently and effectively screens thousands of stocks to uncover the hidden gems and the overlooked winners. I like the fact that, since it was adapted from Benjamin Graham’s methodology, it gives me a margin of safety. It’s an excellent software tool for any long-term investor.

Brian Harris, Kansas

The Value Stock Selector is a remarkable program. It quickly scans entire markets to find quality companies that are undervalued, and it’s the first step in my screening process… Great product, great price, great service. Keep up the great work!

Jeff Charleston, Illinois

With one mouse click the Value Stock Selector software provides me with a list of stocks that pass the tests [developed by] the Value investing masters. I only consider trading stocks that pass this software’s tests.

Don Carlson, Illinois

Once again thank you for the Value Stock Selector software. The new individual stock analyzer is a great innovation. Very user friendly and well thought out. As my son says, ‘the program is only getting better and better.’

Donald Budd, British Columbia

Thank you Mark. You sure make great software! The Value Stock Selector is very impressive. My only complaint is that most of my profits are being eroded by the strength in the Canadian dollar, but that’s hardly the software’s fault. VSS is a great and trouble-free program and your customer service has been fabulous.

Dale Stace-Smith, British Columbia

The Value Stock Selector is a very nice program. Its fundamental calculations are very much in tune with what I look for in a stock. Excellent and easy-to-use product.

Piero Scarsella, Canada

I am very happy to report that I’m running Value Stock Selector and I’m writing with a sincere thank you. I have applied your software in numerous situations and found it most helpful. I especially appreciate your software’s creative and clean interfaces, as well as its cost-effective price. Looking forward to seeing more of your other great products.

Richard Banas, Canada

I’m excited to see and use the Value Stock Selector software. As soon as I saw it, I purchased it – purely and solely based upon prior history and interactions with you and your other software products. Fantastic software!

William C. Phye, U.S.A.

Thanks Mark, it’s up and running perfectly. As always, excellent support from the tech group.

Steve Brittain, U.S.A.

I bought your stock research tool and I think it’s great, easy to use and it made me money. It’s so easy that I run it frequently to see how things change in these volatile markets.

Harry Schneider, U.S.A.

Thanks very much… I’m crazy about this program! It’s doing a terrific job.

Scott Douglas, U.S.A.

I am very impressed with your Value Stock Selector product, which I bought recently. Please register my interest in, and keep me informed about, any future release which will allow me to analyse UK shares on the London Stock Exchange (LSE).

Colin Howell, United Kingdom

Value Stock Selector works like a champ! I really like the software. It has pointed me to some great opportunities.

Scott Cain, U.S.A.

Mark, I must express my sincere appreciation for your promptness and willingness to help. If only every company provided this level of customer support, we would be light years ahead of every other country on this planet. Thanks!

Shridhar Mals, U.S.A.

I feel that I now, with your software, have a fighting chance in the stock market, a leg up or whatever you want to call it. I now only look at the stocks that pass the Value Stock Selector’s tests, research them a bit more, pick the ones that look good to me and then watch them. Thanks for making this software.

John Crasco, U.S.A.

I’ve been tracking the Value Stock Selector’s picks for some time (see the attached spreadsheet) and so far so good. The results are better than what I expected.

Dave St. Lawrence, U.S.A.