Aptus Communications Inc. is a privately held software company dedicated to developing high quality products and services that make life simpler, easier, and more rewarding.

Aptus Communications Inc.

We believe our most important asset is our reputation. We don’t just want to get your business, we aim to keep it. And we’ll do that by providing you with tools and services that work for you.

If you don’t benefit from your association with us, we don’t believe we’ve been successful. To that end, we encourage your comments and questions.

We are located in the seaside town of Qualicum Beach, British Columbia, Canada, nestled in the shadow of Mount Arrowsmith between the shores of Georgia Strait and the mighty Pacific Ocean.

We’ve been successfully selling investment software online since 1999 and continue to create high-quality digital products designed specifically for the individual investor.

And just in case you’re wondering…

Here’s How it all Started…

In August 1999 something remarkable happened in the world of Aptus Communications Inc.

It sold its very first copy of a software package called, “Automatic Investor.” What was remarkable was that sale happened online and the software was downloaded directly to the customer’s computer. No physical exchange of cash or product took place. Everything was done digitally.

And while that may seem commonplace today, remember, this was in 1999 and the Internet was just getting started. Most people had never purchased anything online, E-Commerce was in its infancy and customers still went to specialized computer shops to purchase their software.

But what made that sale even more dramatic was the fact the software was based on a book about investing first published in 1977 called, “How to Make $1,000,000 in the Stock Market Automatically.”

Not something you’d think most “investors” at the time would be interested in because it was a little-known long-term investing strategy and, if you recall, this was during the pinnacle of the dot com boom.

Very few people cared about, “long-term.” To them, holding a stock for a week was, “long-term.”

Back then you could make money buying and selling stocks without knowing what you were doing. And that fueled the dot com boom and caused prices to rise to absurd heights. But the big crash was still more than a year off, so greed was running rampant and just about everyone thought they were stock market geniuses.

To try and sell a long-term investment software package during that time was insane enough – especially because nobody needed software to make tons of money in the stock market.

The fact very few people bought things online made the sale even more bizarre.

And yet the Automatic Investor software sold.

Not many copies at first: a grand total of two in the first month. However by early 2000, after posting to a bulletin board forum dedicated to the 1977 book, sales started to pick up. And then people started asking for new features, suggestions started pouring in and there was even a meeting in Las Vegas in 2001.

By 2003 the software had been significantly upgraded with many new features users were asking for as well as a host of research functions. That led to more research and historical testing plus looking at various other investment strategies – everything from trading methods to buy and hold – until one strategy rose to the top.

That strategy was Value Investing. Testing and more testing led to an even stronger conviction that purchasing fundamentally excellent, dividend-paying stocks with strong economic moats at a discount to their fair market value made the most money with the least amount of risk.

And this led to a book. In 2004 Aptus published the first edition of the, “Pragmatic Investor,” book.

Just about everyone who read it saw the logic behind it and, of course, there were the inevitable requests to automate some of the tedious and error-prone parts.

And thus, with little fanfare and an absurdly low initial price of just $49 (at the time just getting fundamentals data ran into the thousands of dollars), the Value Stock Selector software was born in 2006.

Since that time the software has undergone a number of significant upgrades to make it faster and more powerful, but, through it all, the software has never lost its focus on being easy to use and profitable. In fact initial customers who purchased the first version for $49 back in 2006 are still happily using the upgraded software today.

And we’re still selling the Automatic Investor software along with the Pragmatic Investor book. And, yes, we’re still touting Value Investing as the best and safest way to outperform the stock market.

If you’re at all interested in achieving better returns with less risk, then you owe it to yourself to check out Value Investing. You’ll find some excellent FREE investing information at our Blog that can help turn your portfolio into a wealth building vehicle for you and your family.