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Value Stock Selector Investment Software

  • The powerful investing software that’s VITAL to my investing success. One click lets me analyze more than 8000 stocks and gives me a list of the very best stocks to buy right now so I’ll always know what I should be buying (and selling)…
  • A time-tested and proven allocation function so I can quickly see how to properly divide my investment funds between the stocks in my portfolio.
  • The comprehensive investment strategy guide that shows me, step-by-step, how to invest using the same Value Investing strategies that Warren Buffett uses so I’ll never again get caught wondering what to do when the markets are turbulent…
  • A detailed description of exactly how the software arrives at its recommendations so I not only know what I’m doing, but why I’m doing it…
  • BONUS: A Free copy of the Pragmatic Investor digital book (a $19.97 value) that explains, in plain English, precisely what I need to do in order to invest successfully in the stock market so I won’t have to fumble around trying to apply vague high-level concepts…
  • The best customer support, literally, I’ve ever experienced…
  • A 100% Money Back Guarantee. I can try Value Stock Selector risk-free for 30 full days. If I’m not delighted with the results, if I don’t think my stock selection and portfolio construction methods have greatly improved and my profits will increase dramatically in the future, or if I don’t think it saves me massive amounts of time and effort, then I will get a full hassle-free refund. No questions asked…

Value Stock Selector 30 Day Guarantee


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Value Stock Selector v4.0 Platinum Edition (only $449 U.S. for a lifetime license) Remember your license includes the professional grade data feed of over 8000 stocks trading on U.S. exchanges.

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Your Order Also Includes a FREE copy of the Pragmatic Investor Digital Book…


The Pragmatic Investor book
If you’ve read other investment books, you’re probably tired of the false promises that never quite work out. You’re probably tired of being told you can make millions if you just hand over your money to big mutual fund companies and even bigger investment banks.

You might also be tired of reading about strategies that made a handful of people absurdly rich — strategies that may have worked at a particular time for a few people in the know or worked because someone got lucky.

If you’ve read books on investing before or listened to “stock market experts,” you’re probably tired of being pumped with hot air — told how you must “follow the latest hot stock,” listen to this or that famous analyst, attend expensive day trading seminars or subscribe to high-priced Newsletters that promise you the world — all the things that have been proven again and again to lose money in the long run.

Well, this book isn’t anything like that. In fact, this book was written to refute many clichés of investing that have been accepted without question for years.

The Pragmatic Investor will prove to you that the glorified image of trading your way to riches using short term strategies is a mistake that puts your money at risk in so many ways. The reality is you don’t have to take high risks to outperform the stock market.

And you don’t have to develop that uncanny ability to predict where the market will go next — that super-human knack of needing to know which stocks will rise and which will fall that is so prevalent in books on investing.

The Pragmatic Investor book will show you that you don’t need such skills (the truth is nobody has these skills, yet the big fund companies and banks would have you believe their fund managers actually possess these mythical abilities).

This book can truly revolutionize the way you invest because it will show you that you no longer need to waste your time following people and strategies that don’t add value and don’t work.


Here are some of the things you’ll learn from the book…


  1. Contrary to what you’ve been told, you don’t need to increase your risk to increase your returns. In fact the opposite can be true.
  2. “Superior long term gains using short term strategies” is an unrealistic fallacy. In much the same way you can’t win a marathon using 100 meter sprinting techniques, you can’t invest for the long term using short term strategies.
  3. Investing success does not come from being able to predict the markets. Nobody can predict the markets. Investing success comes from intelligently reacting to what the markets give you.
  4. Why the mutual fund manager who’s currently being touted as the latest superstar has probably underperformed his benchmark index over the past 5 years.
  5. The talking heads on CNBC don’t make the best investment teachers; they are there because they know how to capture the attention of millions of viewers and bring in ad sales for the network. They aren’t there because they know how to invest.
  6. To be a good investor, you don’t have to have a fancy education or work on Wall Street.
  7. Another all-time investment fallacy is the statement “Investing is tough and best left to the experts.” However the “experts” make most of their money sucking fees from the pockets of main street investors, not investing for themselves.
  8. Emotion is the number one reason most people lose money in the stock market. Emotional investing is unprofitable and foolish. A really great investment system is simple to use and removes all emotion from the decision making process.

Perhaps all of this sounds so far removed from what you’ve heard and been taught about investing through the years that you wonder how it could possibly be true. Fortunately it is true. Read the Pragmatic Investor book and you’ll be amazed at how easy it is to create a profitable, low-risk investing plan for you and your family.

Get started now and in a few days you’ll be on your way to creating fundamentally solid portfolios, efficiently allocated and managed using time-tested and proven methods developed by some of the greatest investors who ever lived (investors such as Warren Buffett and Benjamin Graham).

Here is the painless way to become a great investor, to build safe and solid wealth in the stock market and to spend less time worrying about your portfolio – time you can use to do the things you want to do.

You can relax knowing your investments are on automatic pilot taking care of themselves and eventually taking care of you and your family.


“…a breath of fresh air…”

I just read the Pragmatic Investor and am really impressed. Since I started investing, the majority of hype [is for] trend, momentum and technical analysis… This always intuitively seemed like smoke and mirrors to me, but what a breath of fresh air when you hear that investing in a company that makes money and has good fundamentals is the real way to go.

John Whitworth, Michigan


You can also purchase the Pragmatic Investor digital book without the software for just $19.97 (delivered as an instantly downloadable PDF file).

Buy the Pragmatic Investor Digital Book ($19.97 U.S.)

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NOTE 1: If you don’t receive an Email from us within 5 minutes, please check your SPAM folder as an overzealous SPAM filter might have captured it by mistake. Otherwise please contact us right away.

NOTE 2: The software analyzes over 8000 stocks trading on U.S. exchanges. It does not currently support Non-U.S. Exchanges. Please DO NOT order if you need to analyze stocks that don’t trade on a major U.S. exchange.

NOTE 3: Minimum System Requirements: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/Vista/XP, 128MB RAM, 30MB Free Disk Space, Pentium (or better) class CPU, SVGA (or better) 800 x 600 display, Internet Connection (high-speed recommended).


Read What Others are Saying…


“…applied your software in numerous situations and found it most helpful.”

I am very happy to report that I’m running Value Stock Selector and I’m writing with a sincere thank you.
I have applied your software in numerous situations and found it most helpful. I especially appreciate your software’s creative and clean interfaces, as well as its cost-effective price.
Looking forward to seeing more of your other great products.

Richard Banas, Canada

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“The Value Stock Selector is very impressive.”

Thank you Mark. You sure make great software! The Value Stock Selector is very impressive. My only complaint is that most of my profits are being eroded by the strength in the Canadian dollar, but that’s hardly the software’s fault.
VSS is a great and trouble-free program and your customer service has been fabulous.

Dale Stace-Smith, British Columbia


“I’m excited to see and use the Value Stock Selector software.”

I’m excited to see and use the Value Stock Selector software. As soon as I saw it, I purchased it – purely and solely based upon prior history and interactions with you and your other software products. Fantastic software!

William C. Phye, U.S.A


“As always, excellent support from the tech group.”

Thanks Mark, it’s up and running perfectly. As always, excellent support from the tech group.

Steve Brittain, U.S.A.


“…it’s great, easy to use and it made me money.”

I bought your stock research tool and I think it’s great, easy to use and it made me money. It’s so easy that I run it frequently to see how things change in these volatile markets.

Harry Schneider, U.S.A.


“I am very impressed with your Value Stock Selector product…”

I am very impressed with your Value Stock Selector product, which I bought recently.
Please register my interest in, and keep me informed about, any future release which will allow me to analyse UK shares on the London Stock Exchange (LSE).
Colin Howell, United Kingdom


“I’m crazy about this program! It’s doing a terrific job.”

Thanks very much… I’m crazy about this program! It’s doing a terrific job.

Scott Douglas, U.S.A.


“I really like the software. It has pointed me to some great opportunities.”

Value Stock Selector works like a champ! I really like the software. It has pointed me to some great opportunities.

Scott Cain, U.S.A.


“I must express my sincere appreciation for your promptness and willingness to help.”

Mark, I must express my sincere appreciation for your promptness and willingness to help. If only every company provided this level of customer support, we would be light years ahead of every other country on this planet. Thanks!

Shridhar Mals, U.S.A.


“I feel that I now, with your software, have a fighting chance in the stock market…”

I feel that I now, with your software, have a fighting chance in the stock market, a leg up or whatever you want to call it.
I now only look at the stocks that pass the Value Stock Selector’s tests, research them a bit more, pick the ones that look good to me and then watch them.
Thanks for making this software.

John Crasco, U.S.A.


“The results are better than what I expected.”

I’ve been tracking the Value Stock Selector’s picks for some time (see the attached spreadsheet) and so far so good. The results are better than what I expected.

Dave St. Lawrence, U.S.A.