Strategic vs. Opportunistic Investors. Which one are You?

When it comes to investing, there are two basic ways of thinking. The opportunistic thought process and the strategic thought process. Opportunistic investors are always on the lookout for the next hot stock hoping to make lots of money from the current big thing. If they think they can make money from it, they jump […]


Focus on Asset Allocation First, Not Returns

Many investors spend too much time and effort focusing on returns and not enough time looking at risk and asset allocation. I’ve covered risk in previous articles, so this time I’d like to look at portfolio composition. If you’re like the majority of investors, your portfolio is a mish-mash of stocks and mutual funds constructed […]


Going All In the Stock Market

The common wisdom is to split your liquid investment funds among different asset types, such as stocks, bonds, money market instruments and such. However is this right for everyone? Of course not. If you have an ultra-long time frame, such as 25 or more years, then it may be prudent and preferable to invest entirely […]


Stock Market Style

Just as with clothes, cars, houses, music and, well, pretty much everything else, there is no one investing style that suits everyone. Of course there are quite a few that suit no one, although people tend to gravitate towards these unprofitable, money losing strategies nonetheless – probably because they crave action, get greedy or simply […]


Are You an Investor or a Speculator?

One of the interesting things about the stock market is it can be different things to different people. It can bring safe, overwhelming wealth to those who know how to use it and have a long time horizon or it can bring disastrous ruin to those who would gamble and speculate. And nowhere can this […]


How Many Stocks Do I Need to Diversify Properly?

One of the most important keys to successful investing is to manage your risk. One way to do that is through diversification, and although many people have heard of it, most don’t put it into practice. Why not? It’s usually because most investors don’t truly understand its importance, don’t understand how to do it correctly […]


What’s the Best Investment Strategy?

If you’re reading this article you’re no doubt aware there are thousands of ways to invest in the stock market. What’s more, most of these strategies tell you to follow short-term methods because these methods will make you more money. But is this true? Unfortunately no. Short-term strategies are well documented to significantly underperform solid […]


Investing in Stocks

Whether it’s buying a car, booking a vacation, choosing stock software or investing in the stock market, it’s usually a good idea to consider what your results will be before taking the plunge and working through the details. Of course the details, when it comes to investing, are a little more complicated than simply purchasing […]


The Biggest Investing Mistake

ne of the biggest mistakes I see investors continually making is to focus on implementation details while completely ignoring the overall strategy. Some actually think they have an investing strategy when in fact they’re really inventing strategies on the fly in a never ending attempt to fit their “strategies” to the things they’re implementing. That’s […]


Stock Market Wealth

ust four decades ago, most people had never heard of a computer. The internet was just a flicker in some engineer’s eye and the stock market was the exclusive domain of the rich. The current situation has turned all that on its head. Today, everyone and their child has a computer, the internet is ubiquitous […]