Question: I’m running the default settings (VSS 4.0 SP1) with the only change being investment horizon reduced to 2 years, down from the default 5. On Friday, the result list contained 14 stocks. Since Monday, the result list contains only 2. Is there a software issue or was there such a significant change in ranking the stocks from Friday?


Answer: No, there is no problem with VSS. I was actually surprised by this myself as I’ve never seen only 2 stocks returned in over 6 years of using VSS. I think some companies have had their ratings go down (probably because they did worse during the past year or two due to the economic problems) and others have had their prices rise very quickly over the past year.

These two things appear to have combined to reduce the number of great, undervalued stocks.

Lowering the minimum rating to 63 returned 7 pretty good stocks.


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