Stock Investment Software for finding Undervalued Stocks. Order Now!Now, more than ever, successful investors are taking control of their portfolios and turning to investment software based on the Value investing principles developed by none other than Warren Buffett and Benjamin Graham.

And the reason they’re doing it themselves is because they know that nobody cares more about their investments and their well-being than they do.

Not friends, not co-workers and certainly not investment advisors with hundreds of clients and a limited number of hours in the day.

They also realize that successful investors aren’t born — they’re made.

Now you too can achieve that same success with the Value Stock Selector investment software. It’s the next-generation tool for automatically selecting strong, fundamentally sound, undervalued stocks and gives you a quick and easy way to invest like Warren Buffett does.

Using the Value Stock Selector is like having a team of professional research analysts working for you. This is the investment software to use when you really care about what happens to your investments.

If you’d like to know:

  • Which stocks to buy…
  • Exactly what price to pay…
  • When to sell…
  • How to reduce your risk…
  • How to diversify your portfolio effectively…
  • The exact Fundamentals ratings of your stocks…
  • How to simplify and improve the profitability of your investments…
  • And what your potential profit will be BEFORE you buy, all with just a few mouse clicks, you’ll love this powerful, easy-to-use program.


This effective investing software package is absolutely crucial to your portfolio’s health.

It combines the power of 100% proven and time-tested stock market investment research with an easy-to-use, highly visual user interface for the most effective, most productive way to select Value Stocks.


“…an excellent software tool for any long-term investor.”

Value Stock Selector is a wonderful software package that efficiently and effectively screens thousands of stocks to uncover the hidden gems and the overlooked winners.

I like the fact that, since it was adapted from Benjamin Graham’s methodology, it gives me a margin of safety.

It’s an excellent software tool for any long-term investor.

Brian Harris,


It effectively uses the same strategies that Warren Buffett does.

While other “investors” bid up stocks based on nothing but rumour, speculation and momentum, Buffett prefers to keep his approach simple and logical.

Ignoring trends, conventional Wall Street wisdom and investment talk shows, he looks for undervalued companies with low overhead costs, long-term growth potential, stellar earnings and low debt and then waits for the rest of the world to catch up.


“Great product, great price, great service.”

The Value Stock Selector is a remarkable program. It quickly scans entire markets to find quality companies that are undervalued, and it’s the first step in my screening process… Great product, great price, great service.

Keep up the great work!

Jeff Charleston,


Unfortunately, finding such companies has been historically tedious and time-consuming. It required tremendous patience and analytical skills, not to mention hundreds of calculations and comparisons.

But now, that’s all changed!

Thanks to the Internet, accurate online financial statements and inexpensive but powerful computers, all you need to do is make one mouse click and this amazingly easy-to-run program will start to uncover profitable investments for you instantly.

One mouse click and you can begin investing smarter and potentially much more profitably.

How this Investing Software Can Help You…

It starts by performing a detailed fundamental analysis of a company’s financial reports (Balance Sheet, Income Statement and Cash Flow Statement), computes the important key values and then runs the results through a series of proven, time-tested algorithms (based on practical research by Buffett, Benjamin Graham and Richard Sloan) to obtain the stock’s Fundamentals rating.

The higher the rating, the better the stock.

But it doesn’t stop there.

Knowing a stock’s Fundamentals rating puts you light-years ahead of most investors.

However to really minimize risk and maximize profits, you need a sufficient Margin of Safety.

So the Value Stock Selector calculates the stock’s fair value and determines whether the current price provides a good buying opportunity.

If so, it then computes an exact exit price, tailored specifically for that stock, so you’ll know precisely when to sell.

In short, it tells you what to buy, when to buy and when to sell.

It also tells you exactly how to create a concentrated portfolio diversified effectively using Nobel Laureate William Sharpe’s research.

Investment Software that’s Completely Automatic…

With the Value Stock Selector software you can now analyze thousands of stocks with one mouse-click.

And the software runs automatically so you can simply relax while fundamentally solid stocks pop onto your screen.

Just 10 years ago this same stock research would have taken a team of professional researchers months to complete.

And just 5 years ago these research reports would have cost you thousands of dollars a year. Some people still pay that today for Stock Picking Reports and Newsletters.

The Good News is… that’s no longer necessary. The Value Stock Selector can now automatically provide the stock market analysis you need.

In fact this is the package they should have given you when you first opened your brokerage account.

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