Since 1999 we’ve been helping investors, just like you, build safe, solid portfolios in the stock market. Our investment software tools provide you with superior investing methods… methods gleaned from the very best academic and practical research in the world.

Methods from the likes of Warren Buffett, Benjamin Graham, William Sharpe and Richard Sloan. That’s why these strategies work. They weren’t developed by people trying to sell you on the idea of getting rich overnight in the stock market. They are based on sound principles that have been tested, proven and shown to consistently work in a variety of different market conditions.

So it’s no surprise that the most successful investors use these techniques.

And the Value Stock Selector investing software package combines them all into one advanced, easy-to-use solution.


“I only consider trading stocks that pass this software’s tests.”

With one mouse click the Value Stock Selector software provides me with a list of stocks that pass the tests [developed by] the Value investing masters. I only consider trading stocks that pass this software’s tests.

Don Carlson, Illinois


Value Stock Selector is based on Warren Buffett’s investing methods as described by Buffett himself and other long-time Buffett watchers, such as Mary Buffett and David Clark. The Value Stock Selector is packed with the strategies, techniques and tactics that all successful Value investors learn, practice and use in order to build long-term wealth safely and consistently in the stock market.

Now you can see the same results… not through years and years of trial and error… but by simply evaluating stocks the way the world’s best Value investors do… by analyzing a company’s fundamentals using the rigorous methods invented by some of the brightest minds in the investment world.

Isn’t that the kind of investment plan you want?

Benefits vs. Risks Analyses…

The Value Stock Selector Software

Proven investment software used by thousands of individual investors to help manage their investments.Limited up front cost. For even a smaller $50,000 portfolio, mutual fund management fees can cost you $1,500 a year. And because you pay a percentage of your portfolio's value, as your portfolio value increases each year, so do your fees. With Value Stock Selector you pay a tiny fraction of that -- and it's a one time fee. Pay once. Use it year after year after year.
You learn to invest correctly and can apply that knowledge to all of your investment portfolios now and for years to come.Minimize your risks and
get started right now.
Use the same principles that Warren Buffett, Benjamin Graham and others have used to significantly beat the markets consistently over many years and make Billions of Dollars in the Stock Market.
Very easy to use. One-click technology ensures most users are up and running in about 5 minutes.
No contracts or ongoing fees.
Fully open, non-proprietary system that is explained in complete detail.
You always know exactly what you are doing and why you are doing it.

Buying Mutual Funds

Buy it and forget it. You don’t have to do anything. Someone else manages your investments for you.High Management Expense costs. Can cost you thousands or tens of thousands of dollars per year taken directly from your portfolio before you even see it.
Fairly good reporting statements.80% of Actively Managed funds underperform the markets.
Funds manage billions of dollars which makes it difficult for fund managers to only purchase great companies.
You never know exactly what your fund is investing in and what strategy it is using.

Listening to your Bank’s Investment Advisor

Convenient to purchase.Bank advisors are really salespeople trained to sell the funds that make the most money for the bank — not you.
Can easily transfer money from your bank account each month to buy your funds.80% of Actively Managed funds underperform the markets.
Usually limited to selling in-house funds. Can’t sell anything from competing banks or mutual fund companies.
Can be VERY Expensive. The average total cost of the typical actively managed fund for a $100,000 portfolio is $3000 each and every year. Even when that fund loses money.

Hiring a Fee-based Investment Advisor

Usually independent and not tied to one company’s products.Doesn’t care about your investments and well-being as much as you do. Nobody does.
Generally more knowledgeable than other types of investment advisors.Usually has many clients and therefore cannot devote much time to any one of them. There are only 24 hours in a day.
Can be very expensive. Not only do you pay the advisor’s fee, but you also have to pay the Management Expenses of any funds the advisor recommends.
The average total cost of the typical actively managed fund for a $100,000 portfolio is $3000 each and every year. Even when that fund loses money.
Larger firms charge as though an expert is managing your portfolio, but have under-trained, inexperienced assistants and recent college graduates actually doing the work.

Getting Advice from a Stock Broker

Sometimes they hear of excellent stocks.Stockbrokers are salespeople who increase their incomes when you trade more. Therefore they have a huge incentive to get you to trade more frequently regardless of a stock’s quality.
Most don’t have any experience in properly constructing or managing investment portfolios.
Full service commissions can be 40 or 50 times what you can get through an online discount broker.
It is very risky taking advice from them. As Buffett is fond of saying, “never ask a barber if you need a haircut.”

Other Trading or Investment Software

There are various costs and benefits depending on which company you choose and what they know.Most companies selling investment software should not be selling it. They appeal to greed and people’s desire to get rich quickly. Their software doesn’t work and you end up losing all or large parts of your money.
Perspective has value and it’s educational to see what other stock market software is out there.Many programs try to force proprietary, black-box methods on you in order to lock you in. Then they charge outrageous monthly or annual fees for the rest of your life.
Some people only make their money from selling their investment software and don’t do well in the stock market with their own investments.
Some programs cost upwards of $4700 just to get started. Then additional fees and charges are piled on.

As you can see, most investors don’t realize they are paying huge fees out of their pockets every year to significantly underperform what can be achieved using the $49 Value Stock Selector software.

Don’t be one of them.

Don’t fall for the million dollar advertising campaigns (financed by your fees) put out by Wall Street, fund companies and the big banks. It’s your investment, take control of it today with the Value Stock Selector software!

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