If you would like to make lots of money investing in the stock market with a minimum of risk, then this article is for you.

As you know, there are literally thousands of stock market systems bombarding you with ideas of getting rich quickly and living the Hollywood lifestyle. However the majority of them don’t work. And what’s more telling is the people promoting them don’t actually use them with their own money. So if someone doesn’t have enough confidence in a system they’re promoting to use it to manage their own money, what does that tell you?

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It tells me you shouldn’t listen to them.

So, you might be asking yourself, “why should I listen to you?”

Well, you shouldn’t. But you should listen to a man who has made tens of Billions (that’s Billions with a capital “B”) of dollars in the stock market. In fact, he’s one of only a handful of investors you should listen to.

And in case you haven’t guessed, his name is Warren Buffett and his system is a very specific version of Value Investing.

I’ll be very clear upfront and say that over 99% of the things I’ve learned over my more than 20 years investing in the stock market have been from other people. I haven’t come up with anything groundbreaking or new myself and I don’t expect to in the future.

The reason is that sound investing in the stock market is conceptually very simple. So most of the really good strategies have already been discovered and tested. What I’ve been able to do, however, is distil the myriad advice and separate what works from what doesn’t and explain it in plain English. So that’s my contribution to the field.

I’ve also been able to build software based on the ideas that work and harness the power of technology to make the, often tedious but necessary, tasks required to invest successfully easy to do. That’s my other contribution.

But the actual ideas behind what I’m telling you were developed by others with proven track records and major investing success.

Let me warn you, however, if you’re expecting complex ideas and complicated formulas, you’re in for a pleasant surprise. Value Investing methods are conceptually simple to understand and they are also easy to implement when you have the appropriate tools.

And they make people rich over time.

Value Investing is for people who are tired of the “get rich quick” hype so often associated with investing. It doesn’t involve fancy derivatives or Forex markets, it abhors day trading strategies and positively stays away from penny stocks and the latest “hot stocks” so often discussed at cocktail parties.

It’s really for anyone who knows they have to invest for their future and wants to become financially free in the safest, easiest and most highly probable manner.

When it comes to investing, conventional wisdom doesn’t work. Handing your money over to the big banks and mutual fund companies never worked, and will never work in the future, if you measure success by outperforming the markets.

However listening to someone who has consistently outperformed the markets for decades does work. And it will continue to work for the foreseeable future.

If you’re interested in what Warren Buffett can teach you, get the free report, “Stock Market Investing for Maximum Profits,” and follow what it says.


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