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  • Evaluates your stocks based on over a dozen proven fundamental criteria in about 4 seconds. You’ll see the exact fundamental ratings of your stocks and instantly know whether it’s time to upgrade your portfolio.
  • Provides clear, exact buy and sell prices. You’ll never again have to worry about when or at what price to buy or sell.
  • Based on the time-tested and proven strategies of Warren Buffett and Benjamin Graham. You won’t have to wonder whether this investment software works.
  • Includes Stock Market Investing for Maximum Profits, a step-by-step investing and strategy guide that’s better than most paid investing guides and “How to” books. Forget about the “get rich quick in the stock market” scams. Learn how to invest the right way using the same strategies that Warren Buffett used to make over $50 Billion in the stock market.
  • Allows one-click export of all ratings and price valuation data as well as copy to clipboard functionality. Quickly get your data into other programs such as spreadsheets and reporting software.
  • By investing for yourself you can eliminate full service brokerage fees, mutual fund fees and financial advisor costs. Ensure that all of your money is working efficiently for you and not going into other people’s pockets.
  • Stop listening to “gurus” on TV or reading through endless analyst reports. Nobody cares more about your money than you do, so ensure you make decisions based on your own analysis taken directly from a company’s financial statements — not from 3rd parties that don’t have your best interests at heart.

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