The Value Stock Selector is the fully automated way to invest just like Warren Buffett. It’s power and simplicity will amaze you. With just one mouse click it retrieves dozens of important financial ratios and data for each stock, thoroughly analyzes the information and provides an easy-to-read report you can use to make sound investment decisions. You can improve the quality of your investment portfolio in just 3 easy steps…



1 Choose your configuration options. Some people don’t like to invest in “penny” stocks or stocks with low volumes. If that’s you, simply adjust the parameters accordingly. You can analyze stocks on all major U.S. Exchanges and indexes.

Value Stock Selector Configuration Screen


2 One mouse-click starts the analysis. When it completes, select the results that interest you. The Estimated Sell Price tells you exactly when to sell. This allows you to place GTC Sell orders immediately after you buy, thereby removing emotion from the “when should I sell” equation. And as you no doubt know, emotions and investing don’t mix.

You’ll also see the exact fundamentals rating and economic moat strength for each stock in the list along with a maximum recommended purchase price.

Value Stock Selector Main Screen

To further research a stock, right-click on it to bring up its details and charts directly from Yahoo! Finance.

You can also export the data to another program or copy and paste directly into Excel, Word or any other application with just two mouse clicks.

Value Stock Selector Right-click Menu

If you’d like to view the data in a different order (say by Ticker instead of Rating), click on the appropriate column header to sort by that column.


3 Place your orders online… or with your broker over the phone. Don’t forget to place a GTC sell order at the estimated sell price too. That way you’ll automatically sell as soon as your stock becomes overvalued.

It’s Really That Simple!